Cast Beam Spares Set - ME-6983



The Cast Beam Spares Set set consists of beams that are models of the reinforcement bars (“rebar”) used in construction, and molds that are used to produce a model of a beam of reinforced “concrete” or prestressed “concrete”. A mixture of fine sand, plaster, and water is poured into the assembled rebar beam and mold. After the mixture hardens and the mold is removed, the beam can be used as a #4 beam (17 cm) in any PASCO Structure Set.

Sensors and weights can be used to measure the strength of the cast beam when it is a component of a PASCO Structure.

The Cast Beam Spares Set (ME-6983) is a replacement part for the:


Design bridges and structures to test for load failure:

  • Easily connect to other structures pieces
  • Test using Stress/Strain Apparatus
  • Easy instructions for molding pre-tensioned and reinforced beams


  • Cast beam molds (10)
  • Rebar beam members (30)
  • Instructions for construction and use
  • How It Works

    Use plaster to mold beams from this rebar and case set; the molded pieces have normal Structures System ends that fit into any connectors and thin plastic rods that act like rebar in the cast beam. Students can build and test both reinforced and pre-tensioned beams in larger bridge structures and substitute these beams for any I-beam.

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