Rotating Chair - ME-6856



The ME-6856 is a sturdy 45 cm diameter rotating platform with precision cut slots for placing the included chair on top.   The rugged design and incredibly low friction make it far superior to any office chair.  And the base can be used separately for increased versatility in the classroom.

The durable steel base was designed to accommodate a photogate head (ME-9498A) in order to use the built-in-spokes to measure the rotational speed and acceleration.  And the groove around the edge of the platform makes it easy to wrap a rope around in order to apply torque.

The Rotating Chair pairs ideally with the Bicycle Gyroscope (ME-6837) for classroom demonstrations.

Typical Applications

  • Use with the Bicycle Gyroscope for a classic and dramatic demonstration
  • Stand on the platform with weights to demonstrate the change in angular velocity when held out or brought closer to your body.
  • Roll ball bearings (not included) across the platform while stationary and spinning slowly to demonstrate the coriolis effect.
  • Use a small incline and toy car (not included) to simulate the advantage of a banked turn.


  • Rotating Platform
  • Four legged stool
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