Spring Cart Launcher - ME-6843



The new Spring Cart Launcher provides an economical way to launch carts in a repeatable fashion. It can be used for Hooke's Law, collisions, and for Conservation of Energy.

To launch the cart, the plunger is pulled through the hole in the new endstop, compressing the spring, and then released. To add repeatability, a second endstop can be used with the supplied pin to hold the plunger at a specified compression position. Three different strength springs are provided with the Spring Cart Launcher. Use with or without probeware.

The Spring Cart Launcher fits into the bed of PASCO Classic Dynamic Carts or PAScar carts.

Important note - the Spring Cart Launcher is NOT compatible with Smart Carts.


  • Spring Cart Launcher
  • Trigger Pin
  • 3 Different Strength Springs
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    Cart Launcher Springs
    Replacement Parts
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