Bicycle Gyroscope - ME-6837



The newly redesigned Bicycle Gyroscope is perfect for getting students interested and involved in understanding rotational motion.   The ME-6837 is extremely rugged for years of use, featuring a solid 1/2" steel shaft but also lightweight at just 6 lbs.  Cushioned hand grips, a pull-cord with handle and an included suspension cord make it simple and easy to use.

Used to demonstrated the fun and fascinating properties of a gyroscope such as precession it will make a complex topic visible.  It can also be used in conjunction with the PASCO rotating chair (ME-6856) for an attention getting demonstration of the conservation of angular momentum.

There's even room between the flange and wheel to insert a photogate (ME-9498A) for more qualitative activities.

Typical Applications

  • Suspend the gyroscope by the end of one axle to show that a non-spinning gyroscope falls over while a spinning one does not.
  • Demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum using a rotating chair (ME-6856)
  • Determine the rotational inertia of the gyroscope using a falling mass and a photogate (ME-9498A)
  • Use the gyroscope as a large scale top


  • Bicycle Gyroscope
  • Pull Cord with handle (111 cm/44 in)
  • Suspension Cord with Handle
  • Bicycle Counterbalances (4)
  • Buying Guide