EcoChamber - ME-6667



PASCO's EcoChamber is an polycarbonate chamber specially designed to
accommodate up to three PASCO sensors in order to help students model and understand the workings of an ecosystem.

The EcoChamber can serve as:

  1. An additional chamber for an EcoZone system
  2. A fermentation chamber for yeast fermentation experiments
  3. A closed (and measured) system in photosynthesis and respiration experiments
  4. A chamber for modeling greenhouse gases
  5. A temperature regulation chamber which facilitates studies of endothermic and exothermic  animals.

And much more!

The sturdy design of PASCO's EcoChamber makes it a versatile, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean science learning tool.  Total volume for the EcoChamber (with lid) is 4534 cubic centimeters, and the liquid volume maximum is 3364 cubic centimeters. 


Fermentation investigations

The traditional mechanical approach to yeast respiration studies used mixed gas volume measurement as a proxy for anaerobic respiration in yeast. This approach lacks determination of which gases were produced and in what volume there were produced. In contrast, PASCO's oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and ethanol gas sensors provide a quick, convenient, cost-effective way to directly measure oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and ethanol gas produced during yeast respiration.