Photogate Tape, High Resolution (30 m) - ME-6666



This 30 m roll of Photogate Tape features 1 cm band spacing for higher resolution data collection with your Photogate Tape Set. With a distance of just 1 cm between edges you get more data points for a more detailed study.(Versus the regular Photogate Tape with the standard 5 cm spacing)

The Photogate Tape Set (ME-6664) includes a bracket which attaches to the Photogate and positions and feeds the Photogate Tape to measure position, velocity and acceleration.

The Photogate Tape is made of Mylar; a rugged yet flexible material. It is similar to a rigid picket fence in design, yet is flexible and the tape length can be tailored to the experiment at hand.

The Photogate Tape, High Resolution (30 m) (ME-6666) is a replacement part for the: