Building Better Bridges Kit - ME-3581



Teach engineering concepts with this complete STEM bridge-building kit.

Building bridges is a staple STEM activity and a fun competitive event, but what do students actually learn?

The Building Better Bridges Kit provides fun, intuitive and lasting lessons about the construction of bridges. When a load is applied, which parts of the bridge are under tension and which parts are experiencing compression? Why do trusses have triangles? How do we predict failure? The real lessons of STEM are in the design-test-redesign cycle. Based on our successful Structures Systems, this kit uses various sized I-beams, connectors and truss screws to allow students to quickly assemble simple trusses as well as bridges. And with the new Wireless Load Cell (PS-3216) that comes included in the kit, students can measure forces under tension or compression anywhere on their structure and see the results in real-time with PASCO software.

Best of all, this complete STEM kit and the accompanying labs are ideal for pairing with your existing bridge building activity. Your students can learn about bridge-building and how bridges really work while applying engineering design concepts. They can use the I-Beams to build bridges and structures that behave like the real thing and take what they've learned to build more successful toothpick, balsa wood, or popsicle stick bridges!

Four free, downloadable lab activities take students from basic concepts of tension and compression forces to working structures.


  • Wireless Load Cell
  • #1 Flexible Beam (6)
  • #2 Flexible Beam (2)
  • #3 Flexible Beam (8)
  • #4 Flexible Beam (18)
  • #5 Flexible Beam (8)
  • Connector Truss (16)
  • Truss Screws (80)
  • Mass Hanger
  • Hanger Weights (25)
  • Gratnell Storage Tray