Smart Cart Dynamics System 2.2m - ME-1271



NOTE: This is a legacy dynamics system that will be available through 2017 and then obsolete in 2018.

We now have a Dynamics System Builder to help you create exactly the system you want.

Wireless Smart Carts (patent pending) are the most advanced dynamics cart ever created as they boast onboard motion encoders, a 3 axis accelerometer  and a force sensor while still having the robust, low friction performance of all PASCO carts.

No more cable clutter! With all of the data collection elements built in, Smart Carts allow completely free movement of the carts since all the data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computers or tablets.

The Smart Cart Dynamics System is very similar to the PAScar Dynamics Systems in that it has aluminum tracks (available in 1.2 m and 2.2 m versions) and rugged polycarbonate carts. But instead of standard PAScars, this system includes the brand new Smart Carts.

The Smart Cart Dynamics Systems are more expensive than the comparable PAScar systems but for anyone using sensors and software for data collection and analysis they actually represent a fantastic value. This is because you no longer need to purchase an interface or interfaces, motion sensors, photo gates, force or acceleration sensors as all that data is collected by the individual Smart Carts.

Buying Guide

Single Port USB Wall Charger
10 Port USB Charging Station

Smart Carts include a USB cable for charging when connected to a computer or other powered USB port. 

But if you'd like a wall charger there are single and 10 port options.

Single Port USB Wall Charger   PS-2575
10 Port USB Charging Station   PS-3501

Smart Cart (Red) (ME-1240)

Smart Cart (Blue) (ME-1241)