Earth's Magnetic Field Experiment - EX-5539A



In this experiment designed for use with PASCO Capstone software, the magnitude and direction of the Earth's magnetic field are measured using a Magnetic Field Sensor mounted on a Rotary Motion Sensor. The Magnetic Field Sensor is rotated through 360 degrees by rotating the Rotary Motion Sensor pulley by hand. The Magnetic Field Sensor is zeroed using the Zero Gauss Chamber, the walls of which are made of a highly permeable material which redirects the magnetic field around the chamber.

PASCO Advantage:
The sensitive Magnetic Field Sensor combined with the Rotary Motion Sensor enables the measurement of the magnetic field strength as a function of angle from North. It is essentially a computerized compass that can measure both the direction and the magnitude of the field.

The Earth's magnetic field is measured as the Magnetic Field Sensor is rotated 360 degrees in the Earth's field.

Buying Guide


Interface Required

A 550 Universal Interface or 850 Universal Interface is required for use with this product.  Compare the 550 and 850.

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Software Required

This product requires or recommends PASCO Capstone for data collection and analysis.