Ratio of Specific Heat Experiment - EX-5531A



In this experiment, the ratio of specific heat capacities for air is determined using Ruchhardt's Method of measuring the period of oscillation of the piston in a cylinder filled with air.

A cylinder is filled with air and a Pressure Sensor is attached. The piston is plucked by hand and allowed to oscillate. The oscillating pressure is recorded as a function of time and the period is determined. The ratio of specific heat capacities is calculated using the period of oscillation, according to Ruchhardt's method.

PASCO Advantage:
Since the oscillations are plotted, it is easy to accurately measure the period of oscillation.

The pressure oscillates after the piston is plucked by hand.

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Interface Required

A 550 Universal Interface or 850 Universal Interface is required for use with this product.  Compare the 550 and 850.

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Software Required

This product requires or recommends PASCO Capstone for data collection and analysis.