Energy Transfer - Flywheel Accessory - ET-8773



The Flywheel Accessory is an accessory designed to be attached to the Energy Transfer - Generator ET-8771A (sold separately) to demonstrate the storage of rotational kinetic energy. As the hanging mass falls, rotational kinetic energy is stored in the flywheel. The LED stays lit long after the mass has fallen. The Flywheel Accessory has a built-in pulley and a spiral pattern on the label to show rotational motion.

The solid aluminum disk (6.3 cm diameter, 80 g mass) keys into the shaft of the Generator to prevent slipping. A thread attached to a hanging weight easily wraps around the built-in pulley.

The percentage of gravitational potential energy converted to rotational kinetic energy can be determined using a computer and a Voltage/Current Sensor. Also, by plugging in a load resistor, the percentage of the rotational kinetic energy that is converted to electrical energy can be determined.

Note:  The product image shows the Flywheel Accessory as well as the Energy Transfer Generator, a load resistor, patch cords, a rod and a hooked mass which are all sold separately.  

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PASPORT Voltage-Current Sensor
Required for use with PASPORT
PASPORT Voltage-Current Sensor   PS-2115
Current Sensor
Required for use with ScienceWorkshop
Current Sensor   CI-6556
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