Energy Transfer - Generator - ET-8771B



PASCO's Energy Transfer Generator demonstrates the conversion of gravitational potential energy into electrical energy as a falling weight turns a magnet between two coils. The open design permits easy identification of the essential parts of the generator. The supplied lamp or load resistor can be plugged into the output banana jacks. A Voltage/Current Sensor can be used to measure the generated current, voltage and power.

By wrapping the string around different sized steps on the 3-step pulley, the generator will spin at different speeds. The smaller the pulley radius, the slower the weight falls and the greater percentage of the potential energy is converted to electrical energy. 

Two plug attachments, a light-emitting diode (LED) plug and 100-ohm resistor plug are included. Both the LED and resistor plug insert into the banana jack outputs on the generator’s housing. Each plug contains two jacks for connecting a voltage sensor to the generator for collecting data with a computer.

The LED plug allows the user to visually see the electrical effects of turning the shaft on the generator. As the student rotates the generator, the LED lights. The resistor plug is recommended for use with sensors, so the student can measure the effects of generator rotation on power, voltage, and energy.

The built-in rod clamp is used to mount the generator on a rod stand.


  • Generator with 3-step pulley
  • Red-Green LED mounted on plug
  • 100-ohm load resistor mounted on plug
  • Energy-transfer generator knob
  • Spool of thread
  • Specifications

    • 3/4 in Neodymium magnet
    • 2 400-turn Coils
    Resistor Plug
    • 100 ohms
    LED Plug
    • 200 g maximum recommended load
    3-step Pulley
    • Step 1: 1.3 cm diameter
    • Step 2: 3.2 cm diameter
    • Step 3: 5.2 cm diameter
    • 137 meters (150 yards)

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