Conductive Shapes - ES-9061



This set includes two 30 cm tall conductive shapes.  The first is a sphere with a hole in it.  Demonstrate that static charge resides entirely on the outside surface of a conductive sphere, for instance by probing it with the ball end of a proof plane (ES-9057C).

The second is an oblong shape which can be used to demonstrate the difference in charge densities on a large-radius surface versus a small-radius surface.  The fact that the whole surface is at the same potential leads to the surprising conclusion that charge density is greater on the smaller end.

Typical Applications

  • Use a Proof Plane to sample charge on the conical shape
  • Using a Proof Plane to Sample Charge inside the Hollow Sphere


  • High quality nickel-plated ABS plastic shapes
  • Non-conductive polycarbonate rods and stable support base
  • Thumbscrew terminal for attaching a ground cable or lead from a voltage source.



  • Both shapes are 30 cm
  • Resistance of ~1014 ohms
Conductive Hollow Sphere
  • 13 cm diameter sphere
  • 3.8 cm hole at the top

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