Simple Machines Engineering Kit - EP-3577



This kit is designed for use with the experiments from the Comprehensive Physics Investigations Student Lab Manual.

The Simple Machines Engineering Kit engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantages of up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20-cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.

The Simple Machines Engineering Kit (EP-3577) is designed for use with the following lab manual:

The activities from that manual that use the equipment from this kit are:

1: Levers
2: Pulleys
3: Ramps and inclined planes
4: Gear ratios
5: Designing gear machines
6: Torque
7: Mechanical advantage of gears



  • 10 N metal spring scales (2)
  • Weight Set
  • Tripod stand (2)
  • Universal spring hanger
  • Right-angle connector with pulley (2)
  • Fixed triple block pulley
  • Hanging triple block pulley
  • 25 cm Hooke's Law Spring
  • Friction Block
  • Quick-attach gear hubs (4)
  • Gear spacers (8)
  • 20 cm levers (2)
  • 60 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 40 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 20 tooth spur gears (3)
  • 20 cm diameter large pulleys (2)
  • Braided yellow cord (10 ft)
  • Video