Charge/Discharge Circuit - EM-8678A



The Charge/Discharge Circuit is an excellent way to observe and measure the behavior of DC circuits including batteries, capacitors, light bulbs and resistors. It also includes an open slot to allow a component of choice to be inserted for further experimentation.

Another effective experiment: Charge the capacitor with batteries, then discharge through a resistor or light bulb. Students measure the voltage and current as the capacitor discharges, and can graph the relationship between voltage and current for various components.

The Charge/Discharge Circuit is also part of the Energy Transfer - Battery. This complete system allows students to quantify the amount of charge and energy transferred during the charging and discharging of Ni-Cad batteries.


Demonstration of the Ohm's Law experiment from the Physics through Inquiry manual.


  • 1 Farad Capacitor
  • #14 Light Bulbs (3)
  • 10 Ω Resistor
  • 33 Ω Resistor
  • 100 Ω Resistor
  • Battery Holders (uses AA or AAA)
  • Double Throw Knife Switch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Buying Guide

    Light Bulbs (#14, 25 Pack)
    Replacement Parts
    Light Bulbs (#14, 25 Pack)   EM-8627