750 Interface, USB - CI-7650

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

Suggested Replacement(s) are:

  • 850 Universal Interface   (UI-5000)


After 20 years of service in labs around the world, the 750 Interface has been retired. It has been replaced by the much more versatile 850 Universal Interface (UI-5000)

Note: Existing 750 Interfaces can be used with PASCO Capstone software.

PASCO's 750 Interface is the measurement center for the modern physics laboratory. Using a computer and the 750 Interface, students can measure force, position, temperature, pressure, angular velocity, acceleration, current, magnetic field and more. Each 750 Interface includes a built-in function generator and real-time oscilloscope mode.

Seven Input Channels:

With the 750, all 7 channels may be used simultaneously. There are no limitations on what combinations of sensors can be used. Analog and digital inputs may be mixed in any combination.

  • Four Digital Channels -- Use up to 4 Photogates or 2 Rotary Motion Sensors, a photogate and Motion Sensor II, or any other combination.
  • Three Analog Channels -- Max sample rate of 250,000 Hz when using a single channel.


Special Features

  • 250,000 Hz Sampling Rate -- Sample at 250,000 samples per second on a single analog channel. Students will see a true, real-time oscilloscope and incredibly responsive sound sensor data.
  • Built-in 1.5 W Function Generator -- Any experiment requiring a frequency up to 50 kHz and 1.5 watt (300 mA) output can be run without additional power amplification. Output current and voltage can be monitored internally by the 750 Interface.
  • 20 KHz oscilloscope -- With the 750's increased sampling rate, the oscilloscope becomes a real-time scope with refresh rates up to 40 frames per second.
  • Reduced Noise and More Accurate Data -- When sampling at rates less than 100 samples per second, circuit noise can be visible on a data graph. The 750 Interface provides 8X over-sampling to reduce noise and provide smoother data curves

Unique Characteristics

  • Ports -- 4 Digital, 3 Analog, 1 Output
  • Connection -- USB
  • Data Sampling -- Simultaneous Analog and Digital Recording
  • Analog Rates -- Up to 250,000 samples/sec (20 kHz Oscilloscope)
  • Digital Rates -- 0.1 msec digital timing accuracy (1 mm resolution for Motion Sensor)
  • Function Generator -- 0-50 kHz, 1.5 W (300 mA) output
  • Power Amplifier Compatible
  • Designed for -- Advanced Placement and College Physics


  • 12 VDC to 20 VDC at 2 A, 2.1 mm jack
Digital Channels
  • 4 identical channels, TTL compatible (8 mA max. drive current)
  • Maximum input logic transition time: 500 ns
  • Edge sensitive-sampled at 10 kHz. (1 µs resolution for Motion Sensor)
Analog Input Channels
  • 3 identical channels with differential inputs and 1 MOhm impedance
  • ±10 V maximum usable input voltage range (±12 V absolute input voltage range)
  • 3 voltage gain settings on each analog channel: 1, 10, and 100
  • Small signal bandwidth up to the ADC: 1 MHz for a gain of 1, 800 kHz for a gain of 10, and 120 kHz for a gain of 100; input amplifier slew rate: 1.2 V/ µs
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protected
  • Both digital and analog inputs have ESD protection
12-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion
  • 5 inputs: channels A, B and C, analog output voltage and current
  • Voltage resolution at ADC input: 4.88 mV (.488 mV at a gain of 10, 0.049 mV at a gain of 100)
  • Current measurement resolution: 244 µA, (1 V = 50mA) mA
  • Offset voltage accuracy < ±3 mV. (For measuring full-scale voltages the total error is less than ±15 mV, accounting for the gain error in the input amplifier.)
  • Sample rate range: once every 3,600 seconds (250 kHz) (Conversion time for consecutive channels in a burst is 2.9 µs.)
  • 8X oversampling for better accuracy at sample rates less than or equal to 100 Hz.
Analog Output
  • DC value ranges: -4.9976 V to +5.0000 V in steps of 2.44 mV
  • Accuracy at the DIN connector: (±3.6 mV ±0.1% full scale)
  • Peak-to-peak amplitude adjustment ranges for AC waveform: 0 V to ±5 V in steps of 2.44 mV
  • AC waveform frequency ranges: 0.001 Hz-50 kHz, ±0.01%
  • Maximum amplified output at the banana jacks: about 300 mA at ±5 V, current limited at 300 mA ±12 mA