"A"-Base Rotational Adapter - CI-6690



The "A"-Base Rotational Adapter allows students to mount Rotary Motion Sensors to PASCO's Rotating Platform or Gyroscope.

With the Rotation Platform:

  • When attached to the Rotating Platform, a Rotary Motion Sensor can monitor the rotation of any experiment using DataStudio software. One revolution of the vertical shaft corresponds to one revolution of the Rotary Motion Sensor, giving up to 4,000 data points per revolution.

With the Gyroscope:

  • Your PASCO Gyroscope (ME-8960) becomes a quantitative instrument for advanced rotational motion experiments. Use  the "A"-Base Rotational Adapter, the Rotary Motion Sensor/Gyroscope Mounting Bracket, and two Rotary Motion Sensors.   Your students obtain a graphical picture of the Gyroscope's nutation and precession motions.

The "A"-Base Rotational Adapter (CI-6690) is an accessory for the:

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PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor
Required for use with PASPORT
PASPORT Rotary Motion Sensor   PS-2120A