Chaos/Driven Harmonic Accessory - CI-6689A



The Chaos/Driven Harmonic Accessory allows students to study the behavior of a physical pendulum in either harmonic or chaotic motion. The disk mounts to a Rotary Motion Sensor, allowing DataStudio to monitor and plot the pendulum's angular position and velocity.

  • Chaotic Motion
    Chaotic oscillations of the physical pendulum are produced by adjusting the magnetic damping, the driver amplitude and driver frequency.
  • Driven Harmonic Motion
    As a 10 cm aluminum disk is driven by a mechanical oscillator, two Rotary Motion Sensors simultaneously monitor the position of the disk and driver. The bidirectional sensors resolve to 1°, so the computer can easily display amplitude, frequency and phase.
  • Damped Pendulum
    The Rotary Motion Sensor graphically monitors the damped oscillations of an aluminum disk. A movable magnet allows students to change the strength of magnetic damping.

The Chaos/Driven Harmonic Accessory (CI-6689A) is an accessory for the:


  • Rotating Disk (9.5 cm diameter, 120 g)
  • Eccentric Mass (15 g)
  • Springs
  • Adjustable Magnet for damping
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