Broad Spectrum Light Sensor - CI-6630

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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The ScienceWorkshop Broad Spectrum Light Sensor is designed specifically for use with our OS-8539 Educational Spectrophotometer System and OS-8543 Prism Spectrophotometer Accessory for Blackbody experiments. The Broad Spectrum Light Sensor uses a thermopile and window combination that respond to both the near infrared and visible light necessary for the Blackbody experiment.

The Broad Spectrum Light Sensor (CI-6630) is an accessory for the:

Typical Applications

  • Black Body Experiment


Sensing Element
  • BaF2 window, xenon gas-filled thermopile
Spectral Response
  • 300 to 10,000 nm
Output Voltage
  • 0V – 10V

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