Relay - CI-6462



This Relay is a switch that is controlled by an Xplorer GLX. The Relay can turn equipment on or off in sense and control experiments. Sample applications include:

  • Turn off a fan cart when it reaches a defined speed
  • Turn on a lamp when a terrarium gets too cold
  • Turn on a motor when a condition is met

Connect the equipment to be controlled to the front of the Relay: one jack is the common, one jack is for a normally open connection, and the third jack is for a normally closed connection.

The Relay features a push-button for manually activating the relay to test your connection. An LED indicates when the Relay is activated.


Relay Rating
  • 30V, 5A maximum
Cord Length
  • 1.7 m
  • 10 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm