Elementary Science Solutions

Easy-to-use software and wireless sensors for elementary/primary students.

Sensor Bundle and Experiment Manual

The Wireless Elementary School Science Standard Bundle includes a Wireless Temperature, Light and Force/acceleration Sensors as well as a Motion Sensor, Weather/Anemometer and AirLink Interface.

Wireless Elementary Science Standard Bundle

  • Our most popular sensors for Elementary school activities
  • Connect directly to your computers, tablets or Chromebooks
  • Intuitive SPARKvue Software is free for iOS, Android and Chromebooks with a free 60-day trial for Mac/Windows

Elementary School Science Teacher Guide

  • 29 Inquiry-based activities exploring Earth, Life and Physical Science
  • Separated into K-2 and 3-5 activities that are age appropriate and editable
  • "Key term challenge" increases vocabulary skills.
  • Spiral-bound Teacher Binder with PDF versions of each activity and a wealth of resources


Wireless Sensors

Our low cost, easy-to-use Wireless Sensors connect directly to computers, iPads & iPhones, Android Tablets and Smartphones and Chromebooks.

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Much more than a digital thermometer! The versatile Wireless temperature allows you to compare the temperature of different objects and environments inside and out of the classroom.  

Wireless Light Sensor

With its ambient light detector for light levels and UV, and its directional detector for colors, your students can explore the electromagnetic spectrum and model night and day and the seasons. 

Wireless Force Sensor

Capable of measuring force, acceleration, and rotation, this sensor is ideal for experiments involving pushes, pulls and the balance of forces!


Our previous generation of sensors. These require our low cost AirLink interface to connect to your devices via USB or Bluetooth.


Take your students outside to explore the world! The Weather/Anemometer measures temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and more!

Motion Sensor

Need to know distance, velocity, or acceleration? Students can study the back and forth motion of a cart on a track, or the movement of their own bodies in the classroom!



Our most economical interface. Connect a single PASPORT sensor to your SPARK Element, computer, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone via bluetooth or through a USB connection.