Teacher Guides PDFs

PASCO Scientific offers teachers guides from elementary grades through university. These PDFs can be downloaded, saved and printed for educational use. To download a guide for free, select and click your choice below.

Middle and Elementary Grades (Ages 10 -14)

Elementary School Science Teacher Guide

Middle School Earth Science Guide

Middle School Physical Science Teacher Guide

Middle School Life Science Techer Guide

High School / Secondary Grades (Ages 14-18) 

Biology through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Chemistry through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Physics through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Water Quality Field Guide

Physical Science through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Agricultural Science Teacher Guide

Agricultural Science

 Also available:  the complete zip file  with config files and editable word docs

Advanced Science Teacher Guides (Ages 16+)

Advanced Biology Through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Advanced Chemistry Through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Advanced Environmental and Earth Sciences Teacher Guide

Advanced Physics Through Inquiry 2 Teacher Guide

Advanced Physics Through Inquiry Teacher Guide

College / University Instructor Guides (Age 17+)

College Biology Instructor Guide

College Chemistry Instructor Guide

College Environmental Science Instructor Guide

Comprehensive 850 Physics Experiments

87 Experiment pdfs covering Mechanics, Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism.

This is a full list of pdfs for the UI-5800 Comprehensive Physics System. To download individual lab activities, including Capstone workbooks (with and without sample data) and editable Word files, visit the UI-5813 product page and look under Resources


STEM Module: Air Bag

STEM Module: Biosphere

STEM Module:Egg Drop

STEM Module: Collisions

Spanish Teacher Guides (Guías de Experimentos en Español)

Ciencia General

Guía del profesor Escuela Primaria