A growing collection of DIY projects and ideas.

Smart Cart Accessories

Smart Cart Pan Balance

Make your Smart Cart into a pan balance using this 3D printed stand and platform.

Cart Balance Tray.SLDPRT

Cart Balance Tray.STL

Cart Balance.SLDPRT

Cart Balance.STL

Smart Cart Rod Stand

Use your Smart Cart as a force sensor by hanging it from a rod stand. Investigate Hooke's Law, study oscillations and more.

Smart Cart Rod Stand.SLDPRT

Smart Cart Rod Stand.STL

The rod clamp screws into the top of the Smart Cart in the mass tray and accepts a standard rod that can then be clamped to a rod and stand as shown.

Giant Smart Cart

3D print your own giant (and functional!) demonstration Smart Cart. This cart was too big for our printer so we had to print it in two halves that snap and glue together. The 3D printed façade snaps onto an actual PASCO Smart Cart, giving enough clearance for the real Smart Cart's wheels.  This means the built in encoder works as does the 3-axis accelerometer and gyro.  

Also included is a file called “Force Bracket” which screws into the force sensor on the real Smart Cart to extend the force sensor to the force sensor hole on the giant Smart Cart. Then you can install a ¼-20 hook to make the Smart Cart force sensor functional on the giant Smart Cart.

Note: The Giant Smart Cart is only a facade that is placed over an actual PASCO Smart Cart

The Giant Smart Cart is perfect for large scale demonstrations. And you can still collect and stream data for position, velocity, acceleration (x, y, z and resultant), rotation and forces just like a regular Smart Cart.

SOLIDWORKS Files (zip)

Structures and Material Testing System Accessories

PASCO Structures System I-beams

Print PASCO I-beams or modify the design





Print your own 3D Trusses and test them with PASCO's Materials Testing System.

Create your own 3D printed beams using free downloadable files. Beams and strusses shown here were created using an Ultimaker 2 3D Printer.

Once printed, simply insert your beams into our Materials Testing System for column buckling, 3-point bending, 4-point bending, tensile, and compression testing.

Four-point bend testing of printed trusses

What makes a truss stronger?

For a given length, is a taller truss or a shorter truss stronger? There are many ways for a student to investigate this, but one way is to print two versions like the ones shown here, and test them! The taller truss has diagonal members at 60° angles, compared to the shorter at 45°.

Print Your Own 3D Beams!

PASCO's Materials Testing System can do column buckling, compression and bending testing. Bending testing of printed hollow beams can be compared to that of solid beams, and graphed using PASCO Capstone Software.

Three-point bend testing of printed trusses

PASCO Capstone graph showing the strength of two printed trusses.

Column buckling of hollow beam

Print Your Own 3D Beams!

PASCO's Materials Testing System can do column buckling, compression and bending testing. Bending testing of printed hollow beams can be compared to that of solid beams, and graphed using PASCO Capstone Software.

Bend testing of printed hollow beam

PASCO Capstone graph showing strength of hollow vs. solid beams with equal cross-sectioned area.

Additional 3D printer projects

Water Quality Sensor Holder

Fits on the end of a broomstick and holds water quality sensors (Temperature, pH, Conductivity and Optical Dissolved Oxygen).







Ball Catcher for Rotation

Conservation of Angular Momentum: Mount this ball catcher on a PASCO Rotational Platform (ME-8951) and shoot a one-inch steel ball into it from a Projectile Launcher (ME-6800)

Ball Catcher Rotation.SLDPRT

Ball Catcher Rotation.STL

Attach a PAStrack to a Rotating Base

Attach a PAStrack (ME-6960) to a rotating base (ME-8951 without platform) and rotate a Smart Cart. Comes in level and 2-degree slant.

Track Rot Angle.SLDPRT

Track Rot Angle.STL

Track Rot Level.SLDPRT

Wave Driver Speaker Post

Set on a 4-inch speaker to vibrate a string.



Ball Catcher for Dynamics Cart: Do conservation of momentum.

Ball Catcher Downloads

Wrap your own coils: Rings for wrapping wire come in three different diameters.

2 inch coil Downloads

3 inch coil downloads

Make your clip-on FanAccessory rotatable on a cart.

Fan Rotation Base Downloads

Fan Rotation Top Downloads

Attach a Motion Sensor to an air track.

Air Track Motion Sensor Bracket Downloads

Ferris wheel gondola attaches to a force sensor

Gondola 6-32 screw Downloads

Gondola quarter-20 screw Downloads

A fixture attached to force sensors to create your own paper bumpers in impulse experiments. See a full rundown of this activity.

Bumper fixture Downloads

When mounted on a PAScar or Smart Cart this simple device triggers the plunger of another cart when they collide, creating an explosion.

Plunger Trigger Downloads

Pick up iron filings with a bar magnet in the cap of this bottle; pull the magnet out to release the filings into the storage bottle.

Magnetic Bottle Downloads

Print a storage rack for your tuning forks

Tuning Fork Holder Downloads

Go further with the Renewable Energy Kit using custom designed blades and adapters

6in Blade:  Design your own blade or print a replacement using this template. Students can easily manipulate the airfoil shape to change the chamber, or adjust blade length and width.

STEM Adapter:  Start from scratch and design a wind blade or cups for a hydro turbine.

The 6" Blade

The STEM adapter