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Print Your Own 3D Trusses and Beams

Using a 3D printer, and our provided files, easily print your own trusses and beams. Create your own 3D printed beams using free downloadable files. Then, once printed, simply insert your beams into our Materials Testing System for column buckling, 3-point bending, 4-point bending, tensile, and compression testing. Beams and trusses shown here were created using an Ultimaker 2 3D Printer.

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Materials Testing System

The most cost effective way to reliably teach tension, column buckling, bending and sheer. The hand crank creates a 7100 N max load and the inexpensive samples allow each student to investigate material properties first hand.

The PASCO Materials Testing System includes everything needed to do tensile testing straight out of the box. The Materials Testing Machine connects to a computer's USB.