Why Choose PASCO?

Modern tools and technology are necessary for student success in science. And deciding who should deliver those solutions can be a daunting task. But we at PASCO feel that no one combines innovative, easy to use products with world-class support like we do.


Our very first product, the PASCO Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus established our goal - to create innovative products that exceeded existing offerings or that were completely new to the marketplace. We also strive to accomplish that goal while always having an eye on helping educators stretch their budgets as far as possible without ever compromising on quality.

For the first few decades our focus was on first-rate physics apparatus, something that is still one of our hallmarks today. Eventually we branched out into being one of the first companies to offer probeware solutions: sensors, interfaces and data collection and analysis software.  From there our offerings just continued to grow. Anywhere we saw an opportunity to put modern tools in the hands of educators and students we developed what we felt were the best products in the market to fit that need.

That drive to innovate continues to this day. Our first questions when creating new products are still "How will this help teachers?" and "What makes this product different?"

Our line of wireless sensors and the innovative Smart Cart as well as our new interactive textbooks continue our tradition of doing our best to serve science education.

PASCO Wireless Sensors connect directly to your computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and even smartphones. They are low cost and easy to use while offering unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability.

Probeware engages students in hands-on science in a unique and powerful way.

PASCO also remains the premier supplier of high quality apparatus for physics and engineering labs. The Materials Testing System allows students to measure force and displacement for various materials as they are stretched, compressed, sheared or bent.

Easy to Use

Students using PASCO solutions range from elementary school children doing basic investigations on heat with a temperature probe to university students determining Planck's Constant with our Photoelectric Effect System. 

That is a wide range of users but essentially all the teachers and professors using our solutions want the same things. They want dependable, high quality products that can be set up quickly, work as expected, have the tools you need when you need them and are reliable year after year.

Which is why we are always listening.  Educators around the world give us their opinions and we use that feedback to improve our product and solutions. 

PASCO solutions are as plug-and-play as possible so that students can focus on learning science by doing science and teachers can spend their time facilitating the learning rather than fighting with their technology.

Regardless of classroom technology, we've got you covered. Our SPARKvue software runs directly on Mac® and Windows® computers, Chromebooks™, iPads® & iPhones®, Android® tablets and smartphones, and our standalone SPARK LX and SPARK LXi dataloggers.


We are proud of the products and solutions that we create and manufacture.  Which is why we are committed to supporting those products and solutions as fully and completely as possible.

If you're considering PASCO products for your school or district contact our Educational Consultants for your state or our international partner for your country.  They are the best first point of contact and in a position to best understand your needs whether you are a classroom teacher, a district supervisor or head of a ministry of education.

Our Teacher and Technical Support Staff is always ready with answers to your questions or to walk you through any issues.

If you need training, from free online videos, to free webinars all the way to full blown custom trainings at your school or here at PASCO, we can help. Our trainers are as comfortable visiting the high school down the street as they are flying to Kazakhstan.

And our Customer Support Team is available to help with any questions or information about your orders.

We also stand behind our products with our 5 year warranty.  When you partner with PASCO you have a full team behind you, willing to help out. We succeed by helping you succeed.

From the production line to our shipping department, from our marketing team to our engineering groups we are a company full of former science teachers, education experts and professionals committed to making a difference in science education today and tomorrow.

We're honored to be the preferred provider for so many educators world wide. And if we can help you in your goals as science educators we'd love to work with you too.

From workshops to free webinars, we offer a host of training opportunities.