From the desk of PASCO's new president

Rich Escott on bringing lower cost wireless sensors to science classrooms, entering the curriculum market with revolutionary new eBooks, and PASCO's continuing goal to provide innovative tools that connect students more directly to science and scientific concepts.

As the new president of PASCO Scientific, I am excited to lead our company in its mission to provide educators worldwide with innovative solutions for teaching science. From its humble origin 53 years ago with a Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus science experiment, to its current offering of over 1,000 products for science education, PASCO has focused the needs of science teachers to make the learning process more effective for students.  We now combine lab apparatus, smart sensors, multi-OS software, eBooks, and training as integrated science instruction solutions tied to the NGSS and state standards. 

When I joined PASCO three years ago as engineering manager, I saw the opportunity to make lab data collection much easier, quicker, and affordable by applying the concept of connected or "smart" devices to the classroom. By integrating the latest mobile technologies into sensors, PASCO has literally cut the cord and enabled direct wireless data communication to virtually any classroom computer. We applied this innovative technology to PASCO’s popular dynamics carts to create our exclusive Smart Carts that are revolutionizing linear dynamics lab experiments, and at a small fraction of the prior cost. Now students in work groups can collect high-quality data on Newton’s Laws in seconds, leaving precious lab time for inquiry, analysis and discussion.  We have also integrated wireless sensors into intuitive Modular Circuits kits, eliminating the complexity and confusion common in teaching basic electrical circuits.  It’s been very rewarding to see the success that thousands of teachers around the world are having with our new family of wireless sensors and apparatus.

Recognizing the need for more complete science teaching solutions, PASCO just introduced Essential Physics and Essential Chemistry eBooks that replace old-school text books with modern digital technology, at significant cost savings. With interactive simulations, an automatic infinite-test-bank, and supporting equipment kits, PASCO is bridging classroom instruction and lab experimentation with a complete learning and assessment solution. Professional development and digital labs also help you get started quickly and easily. Our Teacher Support group, staffed by veteran science teachers, is always there to answer questions or resolve any issues you may encounter with PASCO products. 

I am honored to come to work every day and help support and elevate the teaching of science. Visiting classrooms, meeting with our international resellers, and seeing your posts on social media inspire me to continue creating even better ways to help you to help your students learn science.  I could not ask for a more personally rewarding job.

Richard Escott
President and CEO of PASCO