Nov 7th, 2017 — Roseville, CA

PASCO Announces Software Enhancements

PASCO updates SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software with new data analysis tools, enhancements to the user experience, and features for improved performance and speed

Data collection and analysis is essential to help students understand science and become scientifically literate. Today PASCO announces the addition of several new features to the award-winning SPARKvue® and PASCO Capstone™ data collection and analysis software to enhance the learning experience for all students.

SPARKvue combines multimedia curriculum, real-time data collection, and powerful scientific analysis tools in a science learning application that is intuitive enough for young learners yet powerful enough for Advanced Placement and university students. The new SPARKvue 3.0 release includes a major redesign to the graph display based on user feedback, student observations, and pedagogical best practices. New graph properties and display tools allow users to display data as scatter plots to show the relationship between two variables, connected lines to show changes over time, or trend lines for qualitative analysis. In addition, SPARKvue 3.0 includes in-context tools that persist over multiple runs to improve the user experience while expanding data analysis capabilities within a selected point or region.

SPARKvue 3.0 graph scaling enhancements allow students to quickly display their data and discern point values, slopes, and small but meaningful changes in their data. Two finger pinch zoom functionality on mobile devices enables them to quickly zoom in and out of graphs, and a movable legend makes it easy to ensure the legend does not obscure important data.

PASCO Capstone was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful software available for high level physics and engineering applications. To provide users with more advanced capabilities, the new PASCO Capstone 1.10 release includes several enhancements to its video features to make it faster and easier to get started with analysis. Additionally, enhanced image tools offer optional analysis features to make it easier open an image file, capture an image from an attached webcam, and analyze an image to create ruler, angle, or radius measurements.

PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovative teaching and learning solutions for K–12 and higher education since 1964. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, educational researchers, engineers, and many others is committed to the advancement of STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions.

Media Contact:
Brett Sackett
Domestic Marketing Manager