Apr 26th, 2010 — New York City, NY

PASCO Enables Mobile Science Learning Environment for the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC

SPARKvue Science Learning Software Engages Students in Authentic Scientific Investigation

PASCO® today showed students, media, analysts and guests how to enable the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC design to become a mobile discovery science learning environment within which students can launch authentic scientific investigations. PASCO demonstrated its state-of-the-art science learning software, SPARKvue, at a showcase held at Central Park Zoo to mark the launch of Intel’s latest convertible classmate PC design.

“SPARKvue creates a science learning environment for real-time measurement, data visualization and analysis that students can use wherever science happens, inside or outside the classroom,” said Wayne Grant, Ph.D., chief education officer at PASCO. “Intel provided the perfect venue in which to demonstrate this. Students used SPARKvue running on an Intel-powered convertible classmate PC design in a familiar classroom environment set up by Intel before going to the Tropical Zone of the zoo for an authentic hands-on science experience.”

A science activity from PASCO gave students the opportunity to examine the climate in New York City, consider how it affected habitat, and discover how characteristics of local birds made them better suited to that habitat. Using an Intel-powered convertible classmate PC, SPARKvue data collection and visualization application and a PASPORT® Weather Sensor, students measured climate conditions in the zoo’s Tropical Zone to see how the climate there affects habitat and, through it, the same characteristics in tropical birds. By exploring differences in the characteristics of birds that resulted from the climate’s effects on habitat, students were able to see for themselves why climate change matters. They learned how climate affects the physical and behavioral adaptations that enable animals to survive in a particular environment. As a result, they could better understand the importance of scientifically assessing and debating important matters like global warming.

“Students love SPARKvue because they can conduct real-time science investigations in the same way that scientists do,” said Grant. “Activities called SPARKlabs, embedded within the SPARKvue application, promote real-time scientific investigations, student reflection and discussion with built-in annotation tools. They are engaging and use prompts for students to answer questions, make predictions and analyze their results. Teachers appreciate that SPARKlabs contain background information, materials and setup instructions, and data collection all in one place.”

PASCO offers a collection of 61 free SPARKlabs for biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, middle school and elementary school. Additional SPARKlab collections are available from PASCO and its content partners. For more information on pricing and ordering visit pasco.com, or call (800) 772-8700.

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