May 6th, 2008 — Roseville, CA

PASCO Announces Summer Workshops to Prepare Teachers to Use PASCO’s Science Education Probeware in the Fall


PASCO Scientific today announced a series of summer workshops intended to help science educators discover the potential of PASCO’s science education technology and use the products successfully when the school year begins.

Designed to optimize learning through hands-on activities, the PASCO Summer Institutes cover a range of subject areas that give teachers the training and experience they need to help students gain a deeper understanding of science investigation processes using authentic, modern scientific tools and methods.

“These workshops are a must for any teacher new to Xplorer GLX and/or DataStudio,” said Christine Hopkins, a high school physics teacher at Mauldin High School in Mauldin, South Carolina, and a 2007 Summer Institute participant. “The workshops are designed to be hands-on and interactive. The instructors are very knowledgeable of all hardware, software, and classroom instruction. I came to the institute with no prior knowledge and left ready to implement the lab activities in the classroom.”

The PASCO Summer Institute 2008 program includes the following workshops:

Xplorer GLX™ Standalone (2 days)

Teachers can discover the full potential of Xplorer GLX, a data collection and analysis tool that helps students discover science by collecting, displaying, analyzing, and printing data without a computer. They will optimize their use of common PASPORT® sensors and customized labs, practice classroom-ready PASCO lab activities in physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science.

DataStudio® with PASPORT Probeware (2- and 3-day options)
Teachers will learn to use PASCO’s DataStudio software and PASPORT probeware to collect, display and analyze data. Hands-on exercises and subject-specific labs help teachers to develop essential and advanced skills to engage in classroom-ready activities in physics, biology, chemistry, earth science and middle school science. A third day provides extra practice and trains teachers to create and use DataStudio Electronic Workbooks.

Introduction to My World GIS (2 days)

This workshop focuses on spatial representation of educationally relevant data. Teachers will learn how to use basic My World GIS™, a powerful Geographic Information System for mapping and visual representation of data as it relates to geography. Exercises will help teachers use My World GIS in instructional lab activities, optimize exposure to PASCO’s field measuring solutions, create new investigations for students, or adapt existing labs to take advantage of My World GIS and student collected data.

Guided Inquiry for All Levels of High School Chemistry (3 days)

Teachers will develop activities in general chemistry that engage students in self-directed inquiry, problem solving, decision making, and learning to think scientifically. They will design investigations that facilitate the manipulation of variables in experiments and models, allowing students to predict, explore, and observe the effects of experimental parameters on variables in more complex experiments than could normally be replicated in the lab. They will use Xplorer GLX alone and with DataStudio software.

Guided Inquiry Chemistry—College Prep, Honors, AP® (2 days)

This workshop introduces high school chemistry teachers to inquiry teaching through technology-rich laboratory investigations. They will conduct 10-15 standards-based experiments that address challenging topics, including kinetics, equilibrium, and thermodynamics. In addition, they will learn how to customize and differentiate lab activities for student populations ranging from college prep to honors and advanced placement levels.

Physics Labs for AP Teachers (2 days)

Teachers will learn how to increase conceptual understanding of physics (and test scores) in a setting that will focus on how to facilitate student learning with College Board- recommended labs, and how to get the most from them in a time-efficient manner with probeware. They will conduct probeware-based physics labs for AP Physics B work and learn to use DataStudio with PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop® probeware while keeping the emphasis on the physical principles being investigated.

No prerequisites or experience with PASCO products are required. Continuing education credits and/or graduate credits will be available for some of the workshops. Register for a summer institute online at pasco.comor call 1-800-772-8700 ext. 289.

PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovative teaching and learning solutions for K–12 and higher education since 1964. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, educational researchers, engineers, and many others is committed to the advancement of STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions.

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