Jun 30th, 2008 — San Antonio, TX

PASCO and SMART bring classroom management support to hands-on science learning

PASCO Scientific and SMART Technologies announce an alliance designed to bring classroom management capabilities to hands-on science learning through an offering that combines PASCO’s DataStudio® software and SMART’s PASCO Scientific and SMART Technologies announce an alliance designed to bring classroom management capabilities to hands-on science learning through an offering that combines PASCO’s DataStudio® software and SMART’s SynchronEyes™ classroom management software. Science teachers now have a rich resource to help them teach, collaborate with, manage and monitor individual students, or groups of students, as they engage in hands-on learning. PASCO and SMART Technologies made the announcement to educators attending the National Educational Computing Conference that runs in San Antonio today through Wednesday.

DataStudio software is a world-class data-collection, visualization and analysis environment, and SynchronEyes software is a leading classroom management software that connects a teacher’s computer with every student computer in a networked classroom. The agreement between SMART and PASCO enables PASCO to bundle DataStudio software, SynchronEyes software and a selection of PASCO’s science sensors for resale to PASCO customers.

“Hands-on, inquiry learning is important because it gives students an authentic and engaging way to learn science. PASCO powers this student-inquiry experience with DataStudio and our PASPORT line of sensors and sensor interfaces,” said Wayne Grant, PhD, chief education officer at PASCO. “At the same time, learning this way requires a different approach to classroom management, and SynchronEyes provides the teacher with the means to monitor what is happening at every computer in the classroom and redirect or guide as necessary.”

“DataStudio and SynchronEyes create a powerful combination for inquiry-based science learning,” said Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “Like the best student-centered learning tools, this offering helps students develop a strong sense of freedom to explore the materials in front of them, while allowing teachers to carefully and unobtrusively direct the learning of individual students, according to their particular needs.”


SynchronEyes software is easy to use and offers a variety of features that enable science teachers to keep their students focused on learning and to redirect their attention if they go off track. SynchronEyes enables teachers to do the following:

  • Call up thumbnail views of DataStudio software on all computers in the classroom
  • Lock student computers to focus attention
  • Create, send and receive quizzes
  • Broadcast the teacher’s screen or any student screen to the entire class
  • Interact with students through questions, chats and polls
  • Monitor students on both wired or wireless networks

DataStudio software works with PASCO interfaces and sensors to collect, visualize and analyze data. With the award-winning PASPORT® line of sensors and sensor interfaces, teachers and students use DataStudio to create and perform experiments in general science, biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science and physics at all grade levels. Together DataStudio with SynchronEyes software provides a powerful way to help teachers manage hands-on, inquiry science.

For more information on DataStudio and PASPORT solutions, visit pasco.com. For information on SynchronEyes, visit www.smarttech.com.


SMART Technologies is an industry pioneer and global education market segment leader in user-friendly ICT products and group collaboration tools. The award-winning line of SMART Board interactive whiteboards is the most widely installed in the world because of its unsurpassed product quality, versatility and ease of use. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is used to teach over 18 million students in more than 600,000 classrooms in more than 100 countries around the world.

SMART is a private company founded in 1987. Employing more than 1,100 people, SMART is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with assembly facilities in Kanata, Ontario and offices in Bonn, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York City, Chicago and Washington, DC. SMART has been issued and maintains a broad portfolio of patents with numerous U.S., Canadian and other patents pending. In 1992, SMART formed a strategic alliance with Intel® Corporation that resulted in Intel’s equity ownership in the company. SMART products are sold through dealers across North America and distributors worldwide. To learn more about SMART, visit www.smarttech.com.

PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovative teaching and learning solutions for K–12 and higher education since 1964. PASCO’s team of educators, scientists, educational researchers, engineers, and many others is committed to the advancement of STEM education around the world. Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions.

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