Mar 18th, 2010 — Philadelphia, PA

Carolina Biological Supply and PASCO

Inquiry-Based Labs for SPARKscience Integrated Learning Environment Created

PASCO and Carolina Biological Supply Company today unveiled CarolinaT™ Biology Investigations for SPARKscienceT™, the first of the Carolina Investigations for SPARKscience series of inquiry-based labs. SPARKscience is a research-based learning environment that integrates sensor-based data collection, interactive visualization and data analysis, instructional content and assessment. The companies made the announcement at the National Science Teachers Association annual conference that runs today through March 21.

SPARKscience provides a state-of-the art framework designed around SPARKvue™, an integrated learning application that promotes real-time analysis and direct manipulation of data, plus student reflection and discussion with built-in annotation tools. It supports a myriad of classroom technologies, including the SPARK Science Learning System™ (an all-in-one mobile device), Windows® and Macintosh® computers, interactive whiteboards, netbooks and handheld devices such as iPod touch® and iPad™.

“SPARKscience lays the groundwork for science education companies to create discovery-based, interactive lab activities using their own expert content and materials,” said Wayne Grant, Ph.D., PASCO’s chief education officer. “Our partnership with Carolina gives customers world-class science content in the form of SPARKlabs that are designed specifically for hands-on activities and are fully integrated into the SPARKscience learning process.”

“Carolina works in partnership with educators and scientists to provide the best materials for science and math education,” said David Heller, director of product development for Carolina Biological Supply Company. “Carolina Investigations for SPARKscience will give educators access to the highest quality science learning materials for high school-level biology, chemistry and environmental science courses within an innovative 21st-century learning environment.”

The Carolina SPARKlabs have been designed to help facilitate the transition between traditional teacher-driven activities and inquiry-based, student-driven activities. The labs consist of two parts: a guided investigation in which students participate in a teacher-driven exploration of a core science topic, followed by an open inquiry investigation in which students design and conduct their own experiment, to further their understanding of the topic.

Carolina Biology Investigations include:

  • A downloadable collection of 10 Biology SPARKlabs, plus PDF files of Teacher Notes (to guide teachers in facilitating each lab with a group of students). Licensed per teacher, this collection can be purchased from PASCO by phone by calling (800) 772-8700, or directly from the
  • Carolina Biology Investigations for SPARKscience Sensor Bundle, which includes all sensors needed for one group to perform the 10 labs. It is available from PASCO.
  • Carolina Biology Investigations for SPARKscience Materials Kit, containing the essential lab materials and equipment for one group. It is available from PASCO and Carolina. Customers can order from Carolina by calling (800) 334-5551 or purchase the product directly through its website (

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