Scientific Literacy and Transformational Change

PASCO's goal is to transform science education and prepare students to become scientifically literate citizens who are able to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time including water resources, clean energy, and climate change. We have successfully partnered with developed and developing countries on science education reform, and we are the partner of choice for education leaders worldwide.

How can today’s students gain the scientific know-how and experience they need to help their nations succeed in tomorrow’s global economy? Countries worldwide are looking for ways to improve their students' understanding of science and their motivation to learn more. Technology is an effective tool for achieving these goals and can best be promoted through hands-on, inquiry-based science instruction.

White Paper: 21st Century Science Instruction

Research evidence demonstrates that sustained, guided student use of technology tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization helps deepen students' understanding of science concepts, thus increasing scientific literacy while providing experiential knowledge of science practices. Research also suggests that such learning experiences help increase student interest, motivation, and engagement in science.

PASCO’s white paper, "Meeting the World’s Needs for 21st Century Science Instruction", presents current, reputable research and expert opinion supporting the practices mentioned above, together with examples of how these practices are enhanced by using the tools and resources developed by PASCO to support inquiry-based science instruction.

Let us help you prepare your students for their future careers in an increasingly global marketplace.

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Meeting the World's Needs for 21st Century Science Instruction