PASCO Capstone

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PASCO Capstone Update (version 1.4.0)

Released 5/1/2015

PASCO Capstone Experiments
Classic physics experiments designed for use with the 850 Universal Interface. Free Experiment Files.

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SPARKvue is avaialble for Mac & Windows computers, iPads, Android tablets and now Chromebooks.

SPARKvue Free 60 Day Trial

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SPARKvue Update (version 2.3.0)

Released June 25th, 2015


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SPARK Science Learning System

Update your SPARK firmware.

SPARK Update (1.4.1)

Released September 23rd, 2014

SPARK Emulator (1.4.1)

Software that allows you to share your SPARK screen using your computer and a projector.

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SPARK Science Learning System

MatchGraph Software

MatchGraph is completely free and available for the Mac® & Windows® computers with a free app for iPads®.

Latest Update (Version 1.1.0)

Released August 20th, 2015

MatchGraph Bundles

Free Spectrometry Software

Completely free and available for the Mac® & Windows® computers with a free app for iPads® and Android™ Tablets this software is compatible with the PASCO Wireless Spectrometer as well as Amadeus and Red Tide Spectrometers.

Latest  Update (Version 1.2.0)

Released August 7th, 2015


Odyssey Molecular Modeling Software

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Visualization and simulation at the molecular level.  Over 85 core topics with ready-to-use lab activities.

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Product Manuals

Product manuals may be found under the User Resources tab of individual products. 

For help finding the product manual you are looking for here are some helpful hints:

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Legacy Downloads


DataStudio is still available but has been superceded by the new PASCO Capstone software.  No new updates will be created for DataStudio.

Download the final released version of DataStudio

Physics Lab Manuals

More recent lab manuals can be found on the curriculum page, but the student versions of labs from two of PASCO's classic lab manuals are available free for download.


Science Workshop Downloads

The final published versions of the ScienceWorkshop software and the Experiment Library are still available for download.  

Science Workshop Downloads

For current users of the now discontinued 750 interface, please consider upgrading to the new 850 Universal Interface and the powerful PASCO Capstone software