Professional Development


Work with our experienced team to design an program to meet your needs, delivered at your school or at PASCO Headquarters. Our workshop options are flexible and completely customizable.

Summer Institutes

Learn it this summer, teach it this fall. PASCO offers special teacher institutes that focus on technology and the inquiry-based science approach.

Co-Teaching Professional Development

Boost your teachers' confidence implementing PASCO technologies through collaboration with a PASCO educator to design and deliver lessons in their classrooms using our co-teaching model.


Live Online Training

Join us for live online training on the use of PASCO probeware, curriculum, and software solutions. Attend a public online training or schedule an online training series customized for your school or district’s needs.

Training Videos

Our growing collection of training videos demonstrate the use of PASCO probeware, experiments, and equipment. View them on the PASCO Videos page or on our YouTube channel, or subscribe to the PASCOcast podcast.

“How Do I?” Videos

Looking for a quick answer to common questions about using PASCO equipment? Browse, search, or subscribe to our library of brief video responses on our “How Do I?” YouTube channel.

AAPT Physics Teaching Resource Agents (PTRA)

Taught and developed by some of the finest physics teachers in the country, AAPT/PTRA workshops provide instruction in both content and educational research supported instruction methods to help teachers meet their students' needs. Schedule a workshop today.

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