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PASPORT Adapters

ScienceWorkshop Probeware

PASCO's classic data acquisition system

Features PASCO's classic interface, the ScienceWorkshop 750.

The ScienceWorkshop 750 is ideal for:

  • Studying Electronics/Circuits
  • Understanding Instrumentation
  • Feedback and Control

The ScienceWorkshop 500 interface combines good desktop performance with datalogging capability. Can be converted to a USB connection.

Getting started? The PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop choice

PASCO has been offering quality probeware solutions for more than twenty years, and presents two different technology offerings, both operating on the same award-winning DataStudio software.

ScienceWorkshop, our classic line, is featured here. If you are new to PASCO probeware, we suggest you look at our latest probeware line, PASPORT, an all-digital solution designed for USB.

Already own ScienceWorkshop probeware? Integrate with the PASPORT system!

Use your ScienceWorkshop sensors with PASPORT interfaces. For example, use your ScienceWorkshop sensors in the field with the powerful Xplorer GLX interface.

PASPORT digital and analog adapters allow you to use PASCO's latest technology without having to replace sensors. Learn more about using both ScienceWorkshop and PASPORT probeware.