Probeware: Getting Started


Two choices for data acquisition & analysis

SPARKvue is simple, intuitive and available for computers (Windows® and Macs®), iPads®, select Android® tablets and Chromebooks™.  

PASCO Capstone is geared towards advanced physics and engineering applications and is available for Mac® and Windows® computers.

Choose an Interface

Several options to fit your needs

For SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone

USB only interfaces:

Bluetooth and USB interfaces:

For PASCO Capstone only

The 850 Universal Interface is the most advanced educational lab interface in the world.  It accepts both PASPORT and Science Workshop sensors and can be a digital multimeter; a 500 kHz oscilloscope; a 100 kHz power function generator; dual function generators; a nuclear counter and more.  Connects via USB.

Standalone Options

Can be used to collect and analyze data in or out of the classroom or as a USB interface connected to a computer running either SPARKvue or PASCO Capstone.


Select the sensors you need

Wonder, then measure

Measure anything from force, pH, magnetic field strength, GPS position, heart rate and much more with over 70 PASPORT sensors.

And with PASPORT  MultiMeasure Sensors™ you get several different sensor measurements in one convenient sensor box that can be measured individually or simultaneously. Make classroom and equipment management easier, and save money.

Our classic line of analog Science Workshop sensors are also available.  Plug them directly into the 850 Universal Interface or use them with any of the other interfaces with the appropriate adapters*.

*Science Workshop adapters for use with PASPORT Interfaces:

Add Curriculum

Select your subject area

Most PASCO curriculum also has starter and standard probeware bundles to provide the necessary sensors for the lab activities.

Primary & Middle School options

High School, AP* & College Biology options

High School, AP* & College Chemistry options

High School, & AP* Physics options

University Physics curriculum

Engineering - Complete Experiments

SPARKlabs - modern, highly interactive lab activities


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