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Xplorer GLX - PS-2002

Xplorer GLX - Designed for Science Education

  • Multiple Features in One Unit
  • Graphing Datalogger - No Computer Required

Xplorer GLX



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Xplorer GLX Graphing Datalogger

  • Large backlit LCD -- visible in both sunlight and low light
  • Stand-Alone or Computer Interface
  • 4 universal sensor ports -- use with over 60 PASPORT sensors
  • 4 built-in sensors (2 temperature, sound, voltage)
  • Collect Data in the Classroom or the Field
  • Graphs, tables, digits, and meter displays
  • Prints graphs and data directly to printers

The world's first graphing logger for science that truly stands alone . . . the Xplorer GLX captures, analyzes, annotates, stores and prints data quickly and seamlessly, without being connected to a computer. A science lab wherever you need it. Also, connect to a computer and unleash the full power of PASCO's award-winning DataStudio software.

New software for the GLX!

After 12 years as the premier data acquisition, display and analysis software for high school and university science, DataStudio has been superseded by a powerful, totally new software package—PASCO Capstone.

Learn more

Collecting data made simple

With or without a computer, capture and analyze live data anytime and anywhere.

Turn it on - Xplorer GLX powers on instantly

Connect Sensor - PASPORT Sensors will auto-ID

Press Start - You have live data. That's all there is to it.

The Xplorer GLX - an unmatched value in measurement and analysis

The award-winning Xplorer GLX is a portable graphing datalogger, perfect for real-time data collection and analysis in the classroom or in the field. Provides convenient and powerful data collection, display and analysis -- even without a computer. Includes 2 temperature sensors, voltage sensor, built-in speaker and sound sensor, plus connect up to 4 additional sensors. Also functions as a computer interface for labs with computers. A great value for your science lab.

Print directly from the Xplorer GLX to a variety of HP printers.

Transfer files from Xplorer GLX to computer or another Xplorer GLX with your USB flash drive.

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Built for Science Measurement

  • Large 320 x 240 backlit transflective LCD grayscale display. Readable in a dark room as well as sunlight.
  • 8 sensor ports total--4 dedicated for included sensors and 4 open ports.
  • Includes 2 temperature, sound and voltage sensors.
  • 12 MB Internal Memory - Useful for high data collection rates and storing multiple data files.
  • Real-time graphing and calculations from Floating Point Processor--even instant calculations on live data as it is collected
  • Built-in graphing calculator with expression editor.
  • Built-in dual independent function generators.
  • Built-in speaker for sound output.

How it works

A Computer Interface . . .

Functions as a powerful desktop interface for PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop Sensors (optional adapter required for use with ScienceWorkshop sensors) Connects to the USB port of the computer Can be used in combination with all PASPORT Interfaces

. . . Or a Complete Stand Alone, Use Anywhere Solution

Large LCD screen enables students to easily review data and perform basic data analysis, such as statistics and linear curve fits Icon-based operating system Easy-to-use buttons for navigation, including numeric and alphanumeric keypad Annotate data points or runs with either text notes or recorded voice messages Plug an optional USB mouse and keyboard into the Xplorer GLX for navigation and annotation Print student graphs and tables directly from the Xplorer GLX to select HP USB printers. See the Xplorer GLX Printer Compatibility list. Manage your experiment file library on the GLX; enough memory to store many data files Rechargeable NiMH battery provides a full day of use without the need for external power

GLX Home Screen 1

Home menu provides easy access to the powerful capabilities of the Xplorer GLX. See the Screenshots tab for a full collection of display and analysis.

Easily graph data runs and compare experiment results.

Convenient Accessories for your Xplorer GLX

Charging stations, amusement park vest, mice, keyboard, speakers and more. See the User Resources tab for a more complete list of Xplorer GLX accessories.

Xplorer GLX Power Amplifier (PS-2006)

Xplorer GLX 20-Unit Charging Station (PS-2557)

Xplorer/Xplorer GLX Vest (PS-2517)

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