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Mechanical Waves Experiment

  • Speed of Waves in a String
  • Speed of Sound in Air
  • Resonance in Strings and Air Columns
  • Harmonics

Mechanical Waves Experiment



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Mechanical Waves Experiment

Standing waves in strings and air columns are studied. Using a sine wave generator to drive a string vibrator, the driving frequency, the length, density, and tension of the string are varied to explore standing waves in strings and to determine the speed of the wave. For the sound waves in the air column, a speaker is used to drive a resonance tube. The driving frequency and the length of the tube are varied for both open and closed tubes. The relationship between resonant frequency modes and tube length is determined for closed versus open tubes.

PASCO Advantage:
The frequency of the vibration of the string is not limited to the line frequency so the frequency can be varied, as well as the length and the tension.

This experiment is available for Download at no additional cost.

This experiment can be run using DataStudio Lite, available as a Download or upon request.

Graphs of the square of the frequency versus the hanging mass for two different types of strings have different slopes corresponding to different string densities.


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