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Intermediate Physics 750 Bundle, USB


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Intermediate ScienceWorkshop Physics Lab Bundle

The Intermediate Physics 750 Bundle includes 12 sensors and the powerful 750 Interface and supports the experiments in Vol's 1 and 2 of PASCO's Physics Teacher's Guide and Student manual.

The Physics Teacher's Guide Series has 60 documented experiments and a 240+ experiment library on CD. These experiments are designed primarily for the ScienceWorkshop 750 Interface, and are written to be used either with DataStudio or ScienceWorkshop software. One Physics Teacher's Guide is recommended per classroom.

Physics Teacher's Guide Volume 1 contains 35 experiments designed for the ScienceWorkshop 500 and 750 interfaces.

Physics Teacher's Guide Volume 2 contains 25 higher level experiments designed for the ScienceWorkshop 750 interface.

Each experiment in both the Teacher's Guide and the Student Workbook has the following sections:

  • Equipment List
  • Purpose
  • Background
  • Safety Reminders
  • Procedure
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Lab Report



Check the Equipment

These Physics 750 bundles consist of sensors and the 750 Interface. Additional physics equipment is required to perform each experiment in the Physics 750 Manuals, some or all of which you may already own. To view the equipment list for each experiment, go to

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The Intermediate Physics 750 Bundle supports experiments in Vol. 1 and 2 of PASCO's Physics Teacher's Guide and Student Manual.

Physics Teachers's Guide, Volume 1

  1. Position and Time
  2. Velocity and Time
  3. Position, Velocity and Acceleration
  4. Acceleration Due to Gravity
  5. Acceleration of a Cart
  6. Newton's Second Law – Constant Force
  7. Newton's Second Law – Push/Pull a Cart
  8. Collision – Impulse & Momentum
  9. Buoyant Force
  10. Simple Harmonic Motion
  11. Interference of Sound Waves – Beats
  12. Acceleration on an Incline
  13. Acceleration – FreeFall Picket Fence
  14. Heat vs. Temperature
  15. Atwood's Machine
  16. Simple Harmonic Oscillation
  17. Work-Energy Theorem W = ΔE
  18. Conservation of Mechanical Energy
  19. Kinetic Friction
  20. Centripetal Force on a Pendulum
  21. Induction – Magnet Through a Coil

Physics Teachers's Guide, Volume 2

  1. Driven Harmonic Motion
  2. Waves on a String
  3. Resonant Modes – Sonometer
  4. Resonant Modes – Tube
  5. Resonant Modes and Speed of Sound
  6. Transformer
  7. RC Circuit
  8. LR Circuit
  9. LRC Circuit
  10. Transistors 1 NPN as Digital Switch
  11. Transistors 3 Common Emitter Amplifier
  12. Inverse Square Law - Nuclear (requires SN-7927A Nuclear Sensor)
  13. Time of Flight vs. Initial Speed (requires ME-6810 Time of Flight)


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