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My World GIS

My World GIS is no longer being developed and may not work with the latest operating systems. If you would like to purchase additional licenses please contact customer service. There are several free GIS platforms including Google Earth® and ArcGISOnline® which we have provided data import examples for.

My World GIS is the Geographic Information System (GIS) designed for students, featuring intuitive navigation and drag-and-drop layering. Based on more than a decade of research, My World GIS provides the functionality of a full-featured GIS with the ease-of-use required by students and the ease-of-administration critical to schools.

My World GIS was developed by the Geographic Data in Education (GEODE) Initiative at Northwestern University with the support of the National Science Foundation. Designed specifically for use by middle school through college students, it provides a carefully selected, high-value subset of the features of a professional GIS environment, including multiple geographic projections, table and map views of data, distance-measurement tools, buffering and query operations and customizable map displays.

My World GIS comes with a data library of over 50 data sets including country population data, climate, elevation, earthquake and volcano activity. In addition, My World can import data from the industry-standard shapefile format, as well as from tab and comma-delimited text files.

My World with GLX screen
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