Middle School Online Experiments

Featured Experiment

Exploring Temperature

Eight investigations using the Temperature Sensor.

To help you use your PASCO middle school science equipment more effectively and master DataStudio software, we offer the following free Online Middle School Science Probeware Experiments. Also see a complete list of PASCO Experiment collections.

More Experiments

Heart Beat Health

Investigate the difference in students' heart rates before and after mild exercise.

Burning Questions

Students investigate combustion of a candle and measure mass changes as the candle burns

The Colors of Light

Students will explore illuminating different objects with different colors of light.

Noise Pollution

Students will measure the intensity of various sound sources.

How Hot is That!

This Cool Experiment about heat is brought to us by Edward Nodding, one of our local Middle School teachers here in Roseville.

Match Graph

Students will move in relation to the Motion Sensor as they attempt to closely follow a path that has been graphed for them by the computer.

Fun with Friction III

Students will explore the connection between the area of contact and the friction force in this third installment on friction from Edward Nodding.

Fun with Friction Finale

Students will explore the concept of static friction in this final installment on friction from Edward Nodding.