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ScienceWorkshop Interface Options

PASCO's classic data acquisition system

ScienceWorkshop, PASCO’s classic line of interfaces and sensors, is at home in advanced physics and engineering classrooms and labs.   The flagship of this system is the venerable 750 Interface.  The USB compatible 750’s state-of-the-art circuitry provides outstanding sampling performance with reduced noise as well as built-in waveform generation.  Along with the more than 40 analog ScienceWorkshop sensors this system is ideal for studying electronics and circuits, feedback & control and understanding instrumentation.  Connect to a computer with PASCO’s DataStudio software for even more powerful and flexible analysis tools.

View the complete line of ScienceWorkshop Sensors

View ScienceWorkshop's collection of 40+ digital and analog sensors.

ScienceWorkshop Interfaces

ScienceWorkshop 750

ScienceWorkshop 500



Adapters and Converters

USB/Serial Converter

Digital Adapter

Analog Adapter

Use ScienceWorkshop's 750 and Sensors with LabVIEW and ELVIS 

See what you can do with your ScienceWorkshop 750 and LabVIEW & download files to operate with LabVIEW. Plus now you can use both digital and analog ScienceWorkshop Sensors with National Instruments' ELVIS interface.