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The CASTLE™ Approach

CASTLE (Capacitor-Aided System for Teaching and Learning Electricity) is a high school electricity curriculum designed for development of qualitative reasoning skills. A sequence of self-guided experiments uses large capacitors and transient bulb lighting to help students confront their misconceptions, grasp the physics of current propulsion and build intuitive explanatory models. No prior knowledge of electricity is required, making the curriculum accessible to students in all levels of high school physics. 

Experiments cover questions of:

  • What makes charge move in a circuit?
  • How do semiconductors work?
  • How do motors and generators work?
  • How do wires distribute electric pressure in a circuit?

The Teacher's Manual helps teachers put the CASTLE Kits to the best possible use. The Student Manual has investigations for each stated experiment, plus commentaries to prepare students for labs and summary exercises to reinforce the lab experience.

See below for the selection of Kits available, as well as the selection of replacement parts.


  • New section investigates Magnets, Motors and Generators
  • A hands-on approach
  • Concepts develop intuitively
  • A complete curriculum (pdf download) includes many new refinements to Teacher and Student Manuals


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