Hydrosphere: Water Quality Monitoring

Lab Summary

In this activity, students will apply their cumulative knowledge of water quality to an investigation of a local surface water source. Students will measure temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and pH. Using this data, they will determine the overall quality of the water they are observing and develop explanations for possible causes of the water quality measurements they obtain.


  • Computer-based lab (PDF, 922 KB) (921 KB – PDF)
  • Xplorer GLX-based lab (PDF, 64 KB) (61 KB – PDF)
  • Method

    Use a pH, Conductivity, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, to investigate water quality of a nearby surface water source.

    Materials Used

    Sampling Jars
    Hip Waders
    Protective Gear
    Labels and Labeling Pens

    Students measure various water parameters to determine overall water quality.