Environmental Science: Energy Transfer

The Teaching Challenge

Measure the power generated as water falls from the reservoir through the turbine, converting gravitational potential energy into electrical energy.

  • Perfect for demos -- show live data!
  • Generate hydroelectric and wind power
  • Open design -- students see the magnet spinning within the wire coils
  • The PASCO Solution

    Help your environmental sciences students go beyond a book awareness of alternative sources of energy. Help your students to visualize and understand how the we can tap into many different sources of alternative energy in the world around us, and convert natural forces into electrical power.

    This kit provides the equipment to model a hydroelectric plant and a windmill and to visualize and measure the energy being produced as it happens.

    Using just the energy transfer generator and a hanging mass, students can explore the conversion of gravitational potential energy into electrical energy. With the Hydro Accessory and the Wind Turbine, students can explore hydroelectric and wind power generation.

    The included 100-ohm resistor plug allows students to measure the effects of generator rotation on power, voltage and energy.

    Solution at a Glance

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    Xplorer GLX (PS-2002) $389 1
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    This solution also requires software and an interface or a standalone datalogger. For more information or to order products separately, see below.


    Voltage output generated by Wind Turbine

    (Shown on Xplorer GLX)

    Red/green LED demonstrates generation of AC voltage.

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    Alternative Energy Kit (PS-2564A) - $399

    The alternative energy kit will help students explore energy transfer in three different settings.

    • Energy Transfer – Generator (ET-8771B)
    • Energy Transfer – Hydro Accessory (ET-8772)
    • Energy Transfer - Wind Turbine (ET-8783)
    • Spool of Thread
    • Water Reservoir (ME-8594)

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    Xplorer GLX (PS-2002) - $389

    The Xplorer GLX is a data collection, graphing, and analysis tool designed for science students and educators.

    • Two fast response, low thermal mass temperature probes.
    • Voltage probe.
    • Built-in sound sensor.
    • Built-in speaker.
    • Power adapter and battery charger.
    • USB "A" to USB "B" cable.
    • DataStudio Lite for use as a PASPORT interface to computer.
    • Users guide and tutorial CD.

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    Software & Interface Options

    This activity also requires software and an interface or a standalone datalogger.

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