Transpiration in a Plant Leaf

Studying the movement of water within a plant and Measuring change in pressure as the plant transpires.

Transpiration Graph

Plant Setup

Lab Summary

In this experiment, students study the movement of water within a plant, measuring a change in pressure as the plant transpires.

Published: November 2001


Here's What You Need

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Probeware (PASPORT Systems)

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Xplorer GLX (PS-2002) - $389

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PASPORT Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor (PS-2113A) - $89

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Probeware (ScienceWorkshop Systems)

750 Interface, USB (CI-7650)
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Low Pressure Sensor (CI-6534A) - $129

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Other Materials

  • Plant or seedling, 12-15 cm tall
  • Knife or razor blade, bowl of cold water, petroleum jelly
  • Lab stand, 2 clamps, glycerin, electric fan